Setup an Ecoshop

Sign-up as an EcoShop and then get started on the below list to make sure you are ready to launch your EcoShop. You can download this list as a check list and as a flow-chart.

Contact Us if you need any additional help

  • MEC can support you in planning your EcoShop.
  • Help you obtain funding.
  • Include you in theme groups and EcoShop meeting.
  • Support with access to food and other services
  • Provide you with contact information for other EcoShops.

Visit an EcoShop

Visiting other EcoShops can help you better understand how they operate. Find EcoShops local to you here.

Not all EcoShops are exactly the same! Some have different operational practices to support their target audience.


Recruit volunteers or appoint staff to support the running of the EcoShop. Roles could include:

  • Taking deliveries of food
  • stock rotation
  • setting up/taking down
  • promotion
  • serving customers

Contact FareShare

Complete your application to FareShare to receive a delivery.

  • Deliveries are £24 per week (£100 per month) for approximately 80kg of food.
  • Opt for your food choice. Foods can be ambient, chilled, frozen or a combination.

Environmental Health

Check with your Local Authority Environmental Health department if you need to register your EcoShop.

  • If you are setting up more than once per week for five or more consecutive weeks you may need to register.
  • Complete a Safer Food Better Business manual to make sure you are handling food safely.
  • Have staff and volunteers complete food hygiene and safety training.

Arrange promotional materials

Order your logo and other branded material to ensure you are part of the collective network of Eco Shops being developed.

  • Branding can be ordered through My EcoShop.
  • Downloads and printable material are available in Resources.

Spread the word

Promote your EcoShops online, through social media, newsletters, and other local organisations. Make sure you follow the core principles of Eco Shops when creating your posts, and make sure your posts are set to share!

  • Share your launch with other EcoShops and invite them along.
  • If you are in a school or children’s centre engage and recruit children, eco-squads, and green teams.

And finally open your EcoShop!